TN-1500 Solar Inverter

The MEAN WELL TN-1500 is a true sine wave inverter with a built in solar charger.

TN-1500 solar inverter automatically detects the input source (AC mains supply or DC from Solar Panels) and then adjust its internal setting.

There are two operating modes which you can select; UPS or Energy saving modes. The factory default is the UPS mode. The Energy saving mode can either be manually selected, or activated using the monitoring software.

The main difference between UPS and Energy saving modes is the amount of energy conserved.

In UPS mode, the unit will remain in the Bypass mode as long as the AC mains supply is present.

This means that when there is an AC supply present this will be connected to the load. Batteries will be charged with either power from the solar panels, or the AC supply. Battery power is only used when there is no AC mains supply present.

In Energy saving mode with the batteries fully charged, the inverter will provide power to the load from the batteries. Once the batteries fall below 75% of charge the TN-1500 will activate the solar charger. If the battery falls below 20% charge then both the load and battery charging will be powered by the AC mains supply. If no AC mains supply is present an alarm will sound.

This monitoring software will run on Windows 7 and Windows 8. Simply download the software and connect the TN-1500 to the serial port on your laptop or PC. You can then remotely monitor the inverter and adjust the inverters settings.